Monday, November 3, 2008


We had a great Halloween! The girls both dressed up as fairy princesses riding on unicorns. Brian and I went as vampires. We all get done up first thing in the morning and walked in the school parade and volunteered to help with Kira's school party. Kira loved the glitter make-up she got to have on, while Maia loved trick-or-treating. We all headed up the mountain to Mike and Susan's house for a party. The girls totally crashed after the sugar from all the candy wore off. Kira woke up the next morning upset because she said that it was going to take too long for Halloween to come again.

Before I forget, I want to record the costumes they have worn in the past:

2004 - Kira - a pea in a pod
2005 - Kira - dinosaur
2006 - Kira - Lion, Maia - Lion
2007 - Kira - Kangaroo, Maia - Kangaroo

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