Thursday, October 30, 2008

Parent/Teacher Conference

We had our first parent/teacher conference for Kira in her Pre-Kindergarten class. Brian and I met with her teacher, Miss Knudson. She said that Kira is doing wonderful and that she is a joy to have in her class. I am so proud of her. They made a picture with their hand print and on the back it has a sentence to complete. 'With my hands I can...' Kira said, 'hold my Mommy's hand'. So cute.

Last night the girls and I put together a new dresser for Kira. It was from Ikea, so you can imagine the number of parts/time involved. Maia was so funny, walking around with all the bolts and a screwdriver putting them wherever they fit (it is a miracle we didn't lose a part). She kept saying, 'Excuse me Mommy' whenever I was in her way. Kira helped put together all the drawers. She was in charge of giving me the parts for them. By the time we were on the third drawer, I noticed that Kira had the parts ready for me in advance prior to me telling her what to get. Meanwhile, I kept having to refer to the 8-step instructions! I'm pretty sure I donated the majority of my brain cells to her upon birth. No wonder she has been beating me at Memory since she was 2 1/2.

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