Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Maia!!!

My Maia is three years old today! She is such a big girl. She is always making me laugh. It is funny, whenever I try to describe her, I find that she is a total enigma. For instance, she loves to rough house with her Dad, but she also loves to play dress up and be a 'girlie' girl. She insists that her clothes be 'beautiful' (not cute, she always corrects me if I say her outfit is cute), but she loves to get dirty. She can be very stubborn, but also very sweet. She can talk non-stop, but then decide to be shy. She has the best manners, but will shove her sister as soon as I turn around. She is socially aware (out of the blue, she will say to me, 'I love your black hair'), but will snub any boy at daycare that tries to give her a hug.

My little Maia is three. How the years go by. I love you sweetie!

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